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Original Graphic novel by Anton Egorov



Willa is an original IP created by Anton Egorov and successfully funded in late 2018 on Kickstarter thanks to 33 AMAZING BACKERS, Issue #1 will be released in early 2019




5 years after being committed to a mental institution for schizophrenia, Willa is confronted with heartbreaking news on the 18th birthday that sets her on a path of self-discovery set to the background of a murder mystery that connects to life’s over 30 years apart 

Willa #1 was successfully funded via Kickstarter and will be coming out early 2019

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The video Bellow is the kickstarter Videos
and serves as an animated Prologue for Willa:1986

Bellow is a 4-page preview is Issue #1.

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Here lies some of the concept art 
I've created for the various locations in Willa:1986 #1
Anton Egorov

Anton Egorov

Auther / Artist

I’ve been an artist and a self-proclaimed storyteller since I was a kid, telling my own stories was always a dream. 
Growing up in Israel that dream seemed impossible, so my only choice, if I wanted to do something remotely like storytelling was working as a freelance graphic designer and an 3D architectural visualization provider. I’ve worked on big projects with tight deadlines and small project with loose deadlines, until two years ago when I moved to Berlin, Germany to realize my dream of making my own comic.

I’ve spent that time developing my art style and a process that would allow me to do so very fast while keeping a high standard and style continuityI spent the last two years reading books and attending meetups about writing and finally feel confident enough in my story.

I’m the type that doesn’t give up, so even though I’m submitting my comic to publishers, to hopefully get a publisher for my comic, not getting a response won’t stop me from completing the full first arch, it just might take a bit longer than I’d like. In conclusion, I have 11+ years of experience working with deadlines and clients and I would love to invest that experience into something I truly love, creating comic books and graphic novels.

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